Turning point in history

The Tet Offensive was the real turning point in the Vietnam War. On its 40th anniversary, Alan Woods analysed the events that led to the Vietnam War and the significance of the Tet Offensive in bringing about the defeat of US imperialism, and drew some parallels with Iraq. But these figures pale in insignificance beside the horrific casualties suffered by the Vietnamese. Almost 1, North and South Vietnamese were killed in action.

Turning point in history

This story appeared in the Sept. The most memorable lines involve rockets and bombs, and the lesser-known verses conjure "the havoc of war" and "the gloom of the grave.

Our nation honors war. Our nation loves sports. Our nation glorifies winning. Our national anthem strikes all three chords at the same time. The country was in mourning, hurting in ways it could hardly have imagined a week earlier. And when the nation collectively decided to right itself, to acknowledge tragedy while reclaiming everyday life, it turned to sports -- and to the anthem.

In Los Angeles, police officer Rosalind Iams sang the song while members of the Dodgers and Padres helped firefighters and police officers unfurl a colossal stars and stripes that stretched almost entirely across the playing field.

At the biggest events, pregame festivities surrounding the song provide as much spectacle as the games themselves. The anthem is a show, and a show of force. At lesser events, even at the high school level, a color guard is often on hand with the flag as the anthem is played.

Spit and grab your crotch at the ending, as Roseanne Barr did inand the president himself will declare your performance "disgraceful.

Goshen College in Indiana, a Mennonite school that competes in the NAIA, recently decided that the violent lyrics clashed with its mission, which it sums up in the slogan "Healing the world, peace by peace.

Key wrote it to bear witness to a bloody battle during the War of But its origins as a game-day ritual are murkier. So how did we, the people, get here? For starters, the Red Sox and the opposing Cubs were considered champs back then.

Afterthey would serve as symbols of futility; neither won a title for the rest of the century. There was also World War I, which blackened everything, including the national pastime.

At home, the public mood was sullen and anxious. The government began drafting major leaguers for military service that summer and ordered baseball to end the regular season by Labor Day.

As a result, the Series was the lone October Classic played entirely in September. The Industrial Workers of the World were thought to be behind the attack, a retaliation for the conviction of several IWW members on federal sedition charges in the court of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Two years later, Landis was appointed commissioner of baseball, a position he held until The "Star-Spangled Banner" would have a better run.

As was common during sporting events, a military band was on hand to play, and while the fans were on their feet, the musicians fired up "The Star-Spangled Banner. Thomas, who started playing professionally right out of high school in Wisconsin, later said he "had it made at Great Lakes. All [I] had to do was play baseball.ABOUT CPDAAC.

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Turning point in history

In the first three chapter of his book Turning Points, Mark A. Noll gives summarized accounts of what he considers the first three defining moments of the Christian church.

Turning point in history

Mount Fuji, the highest point in Japan, with Lake Kawaguchiko and sakura blossoms in the foreground. This story appeared in the Sept. 19, issue of ESPN The Magazine. THE FIRST THING to remember is that it's a battle song.

The most memorable lines involve rockets and bombs, and the lesser.

The Four Quartets

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Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot