Tips on writing a zombie apocalypse story

I tried to post this a while ago, but my computer froze What kind of zeds are you using? As the type of zed you use will make a difference in how interesting the story will be.

Tips on writing a zombie apocalypse story

See results Writing Prompts - 1 to 20 It is a zombie apocalypse. You have to sacrifice three of "your" people to survive. Write about who they would be and why.

No martyrs here -- you must sacrifice three people. Make a list of 50 items that you would have in your apocalypse survival guide. Write a 12 line poem divide into stanzas or not and include one plural within each line. Make a list of 25 objects around the house that can potentially be a weapon to kill a zombie.

When you are done write a scene for each object with a main character killing a zombie with it. You have been on your sailboat for the last three weeks and are unaware of the zombie apocalypse, that has been going on for the last ten days, until you and your first mate pull into shore and are attacked.

What is your first weapon of choice to carry around with you during a zombie apocalypse? Include at least three reasons why it is the best choice. What would you use as your back up weapon? You break into the local pharmacy for three necessary supplies.

Along the way to picking them up you kill seven zombies. Write in detail your journey from the moment you enter the pharmacy until you get your three items and leave. You open the back door to let in your beloved dog only to find out it is now a zombie and wants to eat you. Write through your emotions as your determine how to take care of the business at hand.

Mark Winters is a kick-ass zombie fighter.

tips on writing a zombie apocalypse story

He also happens to be in a wheelchair. Write a short story about Mark including at least three different zombie kills. Her name is Hope. And zombie killing is her game.

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Before the Apocalypse her game was actually designing games from the ground up. You guessed it, Zombie Killing Machine. While hiking in a remote area, a group of three friends happen upon a small village where the villagers appear to be in a restful sleep.Write only enough to tell the story.

I have read novels where it is obvious the author is shoveling in filler to get to the K word count (mine was K). I would love to talk. Dec 03,  · If you are writing about the apocalypse as a war, make sure to do research about previous wars and other military ideas (if your story includes the military).

Make it sensible! Write the beginning, middle and finally end%(). Jul 07,  · In most zombie movies if you set a zed on fire, you simply have a flaming zombie, setting other zombies on fire and risking your defenses but not really doing any damage to the zed.

But you could write it so that the virus that caused the zombies reacts with extreme temperatures, extreme heat causes the all the cells in the body to Status: Resolved. Aug 02,  · But, in addition to comedy stories, zombies also have a lot of potential for mystery stories, for thrilling stories, for tragic stories, for sci-fi stories, for fantasy stories etc..

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So, remember, you don’t have to write a horror story if you’re writing a zombie story. Oct 14,  · The most disturbing part of any good zombie story is the zombie apocalypse itself, the fact that the world has been irredeemably damaged and there is no possible way for things to ever go back to how they were before the apocalypse.

12 comments on “ Five Tips For Writing A Good Zombie Story ” Best Of The so much me and my. In my novel TOOTH AND NAIL, a story about a military unit deployed in New York City during the zombie apocalypse, I went all out for realism: In real life, soldiers get PTSD, vomit at the site of extreme gore, panic, refuse to shoot civilians, etc.

Rifles jam, smoke obscures visibility, people communicate by radio, operations are planned.

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