The mysterious death of kate morgan

Her mother died on September 23,[1] and at the age of two, she was sent to live with her maternal grandfather, Joe Chandler.

The mysterious death of kate morgan

Now, guests claim her spirit may never have left. Wikimedia CommonsKate Morgan Kate Morgan lived an ordinary and rather unremarkable life by most accounts.

Her death, however, has captured the attention of many for that past years. Born in Iowa inKate Morgan lived with her family for just two years before her mother passed away. She was then sent to live with her grandfather in In her early twenties, she met and married a man named Thomas Edwin Morgan.

However, the marriage was not a happy one. The couple had a son, but tragically he did not survive, passing away only two days after his birth.

Most Notorious Ghost Of Kate Morgan

After only five years of marriage, Morgan left her husband and ran off with another man named Albert Allen. This relationship also did not appear to have lasted. Her next appearance was at the Hotel del Coronado in Though she mostly kept to herself, she was in frequent contact with the housekeeper, who often visited her room to clean up and run her baths.

She confessed that she had been diagnosed with stomach cancer and was at the hotel awaiting her brother, a doctor, who was on his way to assist her with her failing health.

However, a few days passed, and she received no letters, and no one arrived to meet her. Her spirits seemed to sink even lower, and, at some point, she ventured out into the city to purchase a handgun.

On the evening of November 28th, Morgan went down into the exterior veranda with her gun in her hand, and stood to face the ocean in the middle of a cold storm.

Police were quickly called to remove her body in order to shield the tragedy from the other guests. They were able to confirm she died of a gunshot wound, and her gun was found lying next to her body.

Although those are the only verifiable facts, many myths and stories have spread ever since surrounding the mysterious circumstances around her death. In the s, a San Francisco based lawyer named Alan May began investigating old case files pertaining to her death when he came across an interesting fact.

The bullet found in the skull did not match the caliber of the gun she had boughtwhich prompted him to believe that the wound may not have been self-inflicted.

Whatever the cause of death, many people remain convinced that the unhappy spirit of Kate Morgan never left the hotel. Numerous paranormal sightings have been reported around the Hotel del Coronado, including unexplained breezes, sounds, and smells, doors opening and shutting without warning, and frequent sightings of a ghostly figure that bears resemblance to Kate Morgan.

Guests have also reported electronics such as lights and televisions that turn themselves on and off. The hotel gift shop is also apparently a favorite haunt, as guests and workers have claimed that souvenirs and other goods from the shop occasionally fly off the shelves, but mysteriously remain unbroken.

Rather than scaring guests away, the ghost of Kate Morgan has drawn many paranormal enthusiasts to the Hotel del Coronado. The room she stayed in before she died is the most requested room in the entire hotel.Kate Morgan was an American woman who died under mysterious circumstances, and is thought by locals to now haunt the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California.

The mysterious death of kate morgan

She was buried at nearby Mount Hope Cemetery in Division 5 Section 1. The story of Kate Morgan is a fine example of a story with few facts that became embellished with many fictions and exaggerations. It is hard today to tell what really happened.

The mysterious death of kate morgan

What we do know is that Kate was born about in Iowa. In the true crime analysis Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado (), he was the first researcher to plausibly explain the true crime at the U.S. National Landmark Hotel del Coronado, source of a premier national ghost legend/5(5).

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Nov 20,  · From the archives: death in Coronado Photo courtesy of Terry Girardot. Undated photo of Kate Morgan, subject of the book,"The Ghost of . Those who stay in Morgan's old room (number ) have reported mysterious breezes, the TV and faucets turning on and off by themselves, and sightings of a woman in a black Victorian dress.

One hundred and and twenty-five years later, the legend of Kate Morgan endures. She has her own Wikipedia entry and has been the subject of several books, including, “The Ghost of the Hotel del Coronado, The TRUE Story of .

Kate Morgan and the Hotel del Coronado - Wandering Souls