The great escape

It was an adventure, a tragedy, a drama, a history lesson, and an inspirational tale. And it is all true. The Nazis had captured various British and Commonwealth Airmen over the course of the war, and they had built an "escape proof" Prisoner of War camp to house the most troublesome of the lot.

The great escape

Visit Website Inside Hutthe prisoners of war building the Harry tunnel—who included many British airmen as well as Americans, Canadians, Australians, French The great escape other Allied pilots—toiled for days chipping away at the building support columns to avoid being seen working underneath the huts.

From a trap door concealed below a heating stove always kept lit to discourage the Nazi guards from getting too close, they burrowed down 30 feet in order to be out of the range of the microphones.

Working in claustrophobic conditions, the prisoners excavated tons of sand, which they stuffed bit by bit into concealed socks and discreetly sprinkled into the garden soil being raked by other prisoners.

The prisoners scavenged and stole materials for the operation. They stripped 4, wooden bed boards to build ladders and shore up the sandy walls to prevent collapse. They stuffed 1, blankets against the walls to muffle sounds. They converted 1, powdered milk tin cans provided by the Red Cross into digging tools and lamps in which wicks fashioned from pajama cords were burned in mutton fat skimmed off the greasy soup they were served.

They fashioned a crude air pump system built in part with hockey sticks and constructed an underground trolley system pulled by ropes to transport the sand with switchover stations named after two London landmarks—Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

By March 24,Harry was complete and all that was left was for Bull to break through the last piece of earth. One by one, the prisoners, dressed in civilian clothes and carrying forged documents, lay down on the rope-operated wooden trolley and were pulled through the 2 foot square tunnel to their escape.

The process was tedious.

The great escape

Fewer than a dozen men made it through every hour, and a 1-hour blackout during a midnight air raid also slowed the operation. The prisoners inside scrambled back to the hut and burned their forged documents, while the Nazis mobilized a massive manhunt.

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They erected roadblocks, increased border patrols and searched hotels and farms. Within two weeks, the Nazis had recaptured 73 of the escapees. Only three men successfully fled to safety—two Norwegians who stowed away on a freighter to Sweden and a Dutchman who by rail and foot ended up in Gibraltar.

A furious Adolf Hitler personally ordered the execution of 50 of the escapees as a warning to other prisoners. In violation of the Geneva Conventions, the Gestapo drove the airmen, including Bushell and Bull, to remote locations and murdered them. Ina military tribunal found 18 Nazi soldiers guilty of war crimes for shooting the recaptured prisoners of war, and 13 of them were executed.

The great escape

Yesterday, hundreds gathered in Zagan, Poland, to remember the victims and place wreaths at the exit point of the tunnel. Today, 50 serving Royal Air Force officers began a four-day, mile march from the site of Stalag Luftig III to the British war cemetery in western Poland where the executed airmen are buried.The Great Escape is the largest home leisure retailer in the Midwest.

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Among those transferred were Bushell and .

Andersonville, 150 Years Ago

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