Supervising a dissertation

As this is a liveblog the usual caveats apply — and corrections and comments are welcome. This event came about from some research that myself, Phil and Clara have worked on looking at online distance learners going through the dissertation process at a distance. This work was done with 4 online distance programmes — clinical education, clinical management of pain, digital education and law.

Supervising a dissertation

Social Policy Findings from our research In our study tutors talked about their experiences of supervising undergraduate dissertation students. I think my role is essentially to try and help make their project realisable, rather than Supervising a dissertation something on them Todd, Smith and Bannister,p Remember this is your project.

Your supervisor is there to guide, not to tell you exactly what to do! Often you will be allocated a dissertation supervisor who has some expertise in the area you have chosen.

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However, this will not always be possible, either because you have selected an area where there is no expert within your department or because a particularly popular area may result in overloading a few specialists in your chosen area. Note that your supervisor will normally have a timetabled allowance for dissertation supervision, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Take the initiative in approaching your supervisor and do not wait to be asked! You should make a point of contacting your supervisor at least once a month - do not let things drift! You can be given assistance in understanding specific aspects of methodological technique and general guidance on, for instance, construction of a questionnaire.

Your supervisor can be expected to read first drafts of chapters in some detail but to comment on later and final versions only in a general sense. Supervisor's expectations of students Your dissertation supervisor is there Supervising a dissertation supervise your work in progress.

The official allocation of time for this work will vary from institution to institution.

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Do check what the arrangements are for your own department. However, it is important to make a clear agreement with your supervisor about how the supervision will occur. Meetings in the absence of any written work being completed are not generally an effective use of time, as you are wasting your allocated hours.

If you have a question to ask or a point to check, then an email will usually suffice. On the other hand, writing a good chunk of material and submitting it before your meeting means that the supervisor will have had the opportunity to read and comment upon it.

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It is often a useful idea to arrange to have some time as soon as possible after a supervision session so that you can follow up on the comments. Successful students have also found that it is helpful at the end of each supervision session to plan out clearly the next stage of work and the target dates.

If you work closely with your supervisor in this way you can have confidence that your final work will be of a satisfactory standard. Effective supervision may also enable your supervisor to identify where expertise in the department may be available to support your work, beyond the supervisor themselves.

This applies both to areas of specialist knowledge, as well as to research expertise. Finally, it is important to remember that the dissertation needs to represent a body of individual study and research which is fit for its purpose but which, as a document, also demonstrates internal and intellectual congruence.

Poorly conducted research is always unethical and the study must demonstrate that it conforms to the requirements of governance. But remember - the supervisor's duty is to guide you so that you can produce your best effort, and not to assist with continual revision until the dissertation has acquired a certain grade that you may have as a target.

Thus, the supervisor's approval of your progress cannot be taken to imply any particular grade or classification. You should not request this of your supervisor at any stage of the dissertation module.

It should be stressed that the dissertation is yours and should represent your work; not that of you and your supervisor.

Supervising a dissertation

You are expected to work independently and to present a dissertation at the end of the year, which says to staff, 'This is what I can do. In the first instance, the student should try to discuss the difficulties with the supervisor and attempt to resolve these through some agreed action plan.

If, after this, it becomes evident that the relationship has broken down irrevocably, you should contact directly the Dissertation Tutor or whoever is responsible for the module to discuss other possible arrangements. It is important to sort out such difficulties as soon as possible.

Summary Initially, ask your supervisor for advice on your choice of topic and your reading. Talk to your supervisor, preferably at regular meetings, the frequency of which should be agreed upon mutually.

If this is allowed in your department, show draft chapters to your supervisor as soon as you have them: Your supervisor will offer constructive criticisms of your work: It is not a criticism of you, or of your ability.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Therefore, supervision of academic dissertations in an undergraduate setting still remains to be addressed in a comprehensive manner. The overarching theme of this reference work is the convergence of shared understandings, strategies and reflections of undergraduate supervisors from around the world, from many different subject disciplines.

Your dissertation supervisor is there to supervise your work in progress. The official allocation of time for this work will vary from institution to institution. Do check what . Supervising dissertation students.

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Essay about motherland lyrics Good phrases narrative essays essay on. Supervising dissertation projects: expectations of supervisors and students. Innovations in Education & Teaching International, – [Taylor & Francis Online], [Web of Science ®] [Google Scholar]) investigated the initial expectations of supervision by the tutor and student.

The study found a range of differences and similarities between expectations, which led to the implementation of a number of . Ensure that the dissertation is his/her own work, albeit achieved with benefit of advice and guidance from the supervisor Agree (with the supervisor) a timetable for the submission of work and the scheduling of regular meetings.

Supervising a dissertation