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I think DNA research applications for genealogical research are directly related and equivalent to fingerprinting.

Rootsweb com world connect project

Elreeta Weathers, Google Children still living in Four sons and five daughters had already been buried in the Beckham-Hodge cemetery at this time: Susanna, Henrietta, Theresa and Nancy were mentioned inin a deed abstract. These daughters were not married at this time.

I, page The writer has marriage records of only one of these daughters. No additional information was available from the databases. All but six of their children died very early and were buried in the Beckham-Hodge cemetery.

The writer believes that the rocked walled section of the Hodge cemetery probably contains the Beckham burials and early Hodges. It was first known as the Beckham cemetery for several Beckhams were buried there before John Beckham sold the property to William Hodge.

Rootsweb com world connect project

She was born circain Union District, S. They had returned to what was later called Union District, possibly by Union County Deed Book A, pp.

This store may have been first run by his father. ByJohn Jr. They brought a suit against John inwhich lasted for a number of years, and stated that he refused to keep proper accounts, and that he was planning to run out on them.

Alexander Macbeth, a merchant in Union District, S.

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Alexander Macbeth and Company. He arrived in Charleston, S. He made several trips to London. On October 29,he proposed a plan for the Santee Canal. Macbeth and Company received their license to retail Spirituous Liquors from the Court. Their Tavern was on lot No.

In an internet article on Descendants of William Grant, it states that he built a two story frame house and other buildings in Rutherfordton, N. They also assisted small business and became their partners. Nicholas Jasper on November 11, They lived in Union District, S.

Robert Macbeth, served as sheriff of Union District, S. He was a Confederate veteran. He died May 6,and was buried beside his uncle, Alexander, in the Presbyterian cemetery of Union, S. After the death of his first wife, John married Rachel Young. John died August 16,in Unionville, S.

They made several loans in Union District, S. He was a Director of the S. Insurance Company and was a member of a Committee on Education of the St. James changed the name to Oakland.

He was a cotton broker at Exchange Warf and a merchant at Vanderhorst Warf. He died on December 17,and was buried at Youghall Oakland plantation.

He was a merchant from Perthshire, who settled in Charleston, S. He was a Loyalist induring the American Revolutionary War. Scots in the Carolinas,Vol. His will was written on April 10,and probated in Union District, S.Introducing the Wren Family Association DNA Surname Project, for all Wren/Wrenn/Ren/Renn surnames!

Here are the two main goals for the W(R)en(n) Family Association DNA Surname Project. Search for ancestors in free North Carolina genealogy search engines. A starting point for North Carolina genealogy research. The WorldGenWeb project does not validate or endorse services or links that are provided by our partners or country links but would appreciate your feedback concerning your experience with this link.

Rootsweb com world connect project

Search Family Trees at WorldConnect Advanced Search More than million names on file. Highway 16 is a provincial paved highway in the Canadian province of is the Saskatchewan section of the Yellowhead Highway, and also the Trans-Canada Highway Yellowhead section.

The main purpose of this highway is to connect Saskatchewan with Canadian cities such as Edmonton and highway runs from the Alberta boundary in Lloydminster (50th Avenue .

Search Family Trees at WorldConnect Advanced Search More than million names on file.

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