Reconditioning batteries business plan

Industrial Power Products- celebrating 25 years of motive power excellence! Hawker Thin Plate Pure Lead Flex battery is a maintenance-free battery you can opportunity or fast charge.

Reconditioning batteries business plan

By reconditioning only 4 truck batteries per day. There is no flushing or rinsing the batteries - very environmental friendly Get into the lucrative business of Life Extending batteries, a recession proof business, and one of the greatest home based, and full commercial business opportunities.

Imagine making R 00 to R 00 or more per day from huge quantities of virtually free discarded batteries! There are almost unlimited earnings potential, patent pending products. Battery Doctor's system can turn discarded batteries into functional batteries that look and work like new ones and that you can offer to your customers with a warranty.

reconditioning batteries business plan

Battery Doctor brings you the opportunity to get into an expandable and profitable business that can turn you into a successful entrepreneur! We show you how you can generate between R10, 00 and R70, 00 profit from Life Extended batteries that customers from individuals to industries from rural areas to large cities are eager to buy from you!

Yes there is a wealth of money hidden in reconditioning batteries and we have the key to unlock that wealth. Battery Doctor will show you how and why… Most of these used and recently discarded batteries have simply stopped working prematurely because of hard sulphation build- up on plates.

Our system of reconditioning lead- acid batteries without taking them apart will bring them back to life and help you to easily make that kind of money. This is a heap of money - discarded. Get scraped batteries from auto electricians, garages, secondhand car and truck dealers, transport companies, etc.

You can start this lucrative activity from your garage or your workshop full- time, or part- time. We provide you with equipment, product, suggestions for a business plan and a marketing guideline.

Imagine the big money these batteries will make for you! With the powerful Battery Doctor's technology, you will discover how easily you can turn discarded batteries into a gold mine! No need to be a mechanic or have sales experience to operate a Battery reconditioning business.

All you need to do is learn to use our products, equipment and the method outlined in our instructional video and manual and that is easy. Don't be caught up in cheap imitation option. We are the original suppliers. Reconditioning a car battery costs less than R 00 and you can sell it between R 00 and R 00 or more depending on the battery type.

Truck batteries you are looking at reconditioning costs of between R 00 and R 00 costs and selling R 00 to R 00 each. With the Battery Doctor's System, you can start as soon as you receive your products and equipment.

And what a thrill when you are ready to run your own business! In the past 11 years, Battery Doctor has established successful operators in Africa. For a limited time there will be areas still available until our goals are met for each Province, Battery Doctor is offering you an extremely unique opportunity to become a pioneer in this expandable and profitable new industry.

We know of no other business that has the potential to return so much profit for such a small investment, and you can start generating income from your home within days.

You are welcome to contact us on: Anchor Creek Marina Wall str.Business Continuity Plan Template is a roadmap for continuing operations under adverse conditions (i.e. interruption from natural or man-made hazards).

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These kits can help you recondition car batteries. Its also a great small business you can set up at virtually no cost!

At Home Battery Business Opportunity, Home Based Battery Business Opportunity, Battery Maintenance, Battery Reconditioning, Battery . The business, in a nutshell, is fetching old batteries and reviving them to work for few more years.

Every business needs a business plan, and the battery reconditioning business is no different. The business plan should have predefined goals, the set objective, and the financial viability. Location: S. Eastern Ave #, Las Vegas, , NV. Making a Business Plan; Look What's New!

Start a Battery Reconditioning Business.

Battery Recon

Add to this list 12 volt batteries, 6 volt batteries, marine batteries, golf cart batteries, solar batteries – the list is endless.

And so are the potential profits. 20 Volt Dewalt Batteries Lowes Reconditioning Batteries Business Plan 20 Volt Dewalt Batteries Lowes How To Charge Lithium Ion Phone Battery Battery Recycling Locations Boise Id How To Revive A Dead Battery Cell Battery Repair Escondido A volt battery is composed of 6-volt cells with layers of positively and negatively charged lead plates and insulated separators.

Start a Battery Reconditioning Business