Plato contrasted with confucius essay

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Plato contrasted with confucius essay

Preliminary Small Talk 2a-3e As Euthyphro encounters Socrates outside the courthouse, the dialogue begins with ordinary conversational small talk. Euthyphro, whom we do not Plato contrasted with confucius essay about otherwise see Grube's footnotegreets Socrates with "What's new?

Euthyphro mentions seeing Socrates in the Lyceum.

Plato contrasted with confucius essay

In Socrates's day the Lyceum was an area outside the walls of Athens that had an athletic field a gymnasium,gymnasion -- meaning a "place for nudity" and possibly a bath.

Later, init became the site for the school of Aristotle. After the death of Socrates inPlato had travelled a bit, and then, on returning to Athens, founded a school in a grove of trees, which may also have had an athletic field, just outside the Dipylon Gate of Athens.

This became the name of Plato's school, the Academy, spawning modern words like, indeed, "academy," "academic," etc. The school was founded perhaps in It was finally closed in AD, when the Roman Emperor Justinian did so as part of his campaign to stamp out paganism.

That would add up to years, a pretty good run, longer than most of the universities of Europe -- though the al-Azhar University in Cairo, associated with the al-Azhar Mosque, was founded in AD by the Fatimid Caliph al-Mu'izzso it is now years old. However, there appears to be an hiatus in the history of the Academy.

In 86 BC, Athens had adhered to the cause of Mithridates VI, the King of Pontusand the Roman general Sulla took and sacked the city, destroying, according to Plutarch, even the groves round about, including the Academy. Philo's student, Antiochus of Ascalon, did afterwards return to Athens and began teaching, but not at the site of the Academy.

Cicero studied under him at Athens and reported that the site of the Academy was vacant. But at some point, the Academy seems to have been revived, perhaps not until Athens became the focus of Neoplatonism in the 5th century. In modern Athens there is an old monastery in the area where the Academy would have been -- it may be on the actual site.

Aristotle was Plato's best student at the Academy and was even known as the "mind of the Academy. Instead, the office went to one of Plato's nephews. Aristotle was a little put out by this and left. After visiting a friend, who was then executed by the Persians, and marrying his daughter, Aristotle went home to Macedonia inwhere his father, a court physician, got him a job as tutor to the son of the King.

Just what Aristotle taught Alexander, or what they had to say to each other at all, was recorded by neither of them and remains one of the tantalizing unknowns of history.

When Alexander went off to conquer Persia, Aristotle then returned to Athens to found his own school in the Lyceum.

This became one of the established schools of the Hellenistic Periodthough it does not seem to have lasted beyond the Hellenistic age. Although members of the Academy were simply "Academics," members of the Lyceum were called "Peripatetics," which meant, and still means, those who "walk around," which evidently is the way that Aristotle lectured.

Euthyphro mentions that he is meeting Socrates outside "the king-archon's court. He was called the "king" because he discharged what had been the religious duties of the old kings. One duty was to preside over court cases with a religious dimension.

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With Socrates that is obvious, since he is accused of impiety not honoring the gods of the city. Euthyphro is prosecuting a murder case, but it turns out that murder cases have a religious dimension because they involve the shedding of blood, which is religiously pollutingas Euthyphro later notes himself 4c.

The foundations of the king-archon's court were discovered some years ago next to the subway tunnel that presently forms one boundary of the excavated area of the Agora the marketplace in Athens. An example of Socrates's irony.

He certainly does not think that his accuser, Meletus, will "become a source of great blessings for the city.

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Euthyphro misses the irony. But he seems to regard Socrates as a local institution, "the heart of the city.

Plato contrasted with confucius essay

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Spirituality and Science are both valid!

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