Pia internship report

Introduction The journey of our internship started on the very first day we were given the Security pass to enter in the engineering section. RADIO overhaul workshop is place where all Communication equipment of aircraft are repaired and maintained.

Pia internship report

Product stands for goods and services that the company offers to target market. K Chunky, while Polo is in three sizes. The shape and the color of the Kit Kat and Polo are quite attractive for the customers.

The packaging includes an expiry date and time along with a manufacture date. Second part of labeling includes Pia internship report quantity of product in grams along Pia internship report ingredients and contents of chocolates and candies.

Modern era is the era of communication with customer, assuring customer satisfaction, demands for personal and non-personal communication with the target customer to build a relationship with them.

In an area-storming activity, giving out products free, gift hampers, attracts new customers; kites depending on the season for existing and potential customers are given. The basic purpose is to explore the area that is being unexposed and to bring awareness in the people.

Strengths and Weaknesses are being analyzed on the basis of internal environment and internal organizational factors.

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Whereas, Opportunities and Threats are being identified on the basis of external and internal environment and factors. Nestle has following strengths: Nestle is world reputed and recognized organization which has positive impact on people perception about it. Loyalty from customers Loyalty from customers is also the major strength for the company.

Decentralized culture Employees are also loyal due to the decentralized culture of the company. Strong financial position Nestle has strong financial position which enable it to attract more new investors and help it to raise funds from banks.

Strong core competencies Nestle has strong core competencies i. Company has the ability to compete in a dynamic environment. Modern operation facilities They have highly developed websites. They are always ready to answer any query online.

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Nestle modern operation facilities are also important strength which enable it to produce high standardized quality products. Own distribution network Nestle has its distribution network which make it easy to provide Nestle products at all possible places on time.

Parent company support Nestle has strong support from its parent company Situated in Switzerland. So, this support helps the company to flourish. Good quality products The world largest processed food and beverages Company. And the good quality of the products has given it a strong position.

Worldwide existence A presence in almost every country. Introducing new products Continuously introducing new products on frequent basis thus expanded its products offering.

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Example, coffee capsules of different flavors. Dependent on the outside Milkmen Raw material is basic input for every organization and milk is core raw material of Nestle for which it is dependent on the outside Milkmen.

Nestle has no single its own dairy form which provide high quality milk to the firm. Packaging dependence Another weakness of Nestle Milkpak Ltd. Complex supply chain Having complex supply chain management.

Advertisement Company mostly advertises its milk products, advertisement of confectionary products is not so better Opportunities: Following are some opportunities for Nestle Pakistan Limited: Currently, Nestle is dependent on the outside Milkmen.

Nestle should open its own diary forms because Nestl e has strong financial position. Potential to expand to smaller towns Potential to expand to smaller towns and other geographies.

Pia internship report

The company has the option to expand its product folio by introducing more brands. Open stores Company is trying to open new stores in universities. Company can enter in ice cream products and snacks. Followings are the major threats for Nestle Milk Pakistan Ltd. High Price Purchasing power of people in Pakistan is decreasing day by day and prices of Nestle products are comparatively high.Dr.

Pia Pollack is a cardiologist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Pia Hüttl is an Austrian citizen and joined Bruegel as an Affiliate Fellow in Her research interests include macroeconomics, financial economics and monetary .

Pia's excellent work is summarized in her internship report, which is the manual on which our ensuing marketing strategies are based.

Pia internship report

I hereby give Pia my warmest recommendations and welcome any questions pertaining to her future nationwidesecretarial.com: Kommunikationsmedarbejder at . submitted to hr department – pia. internship report p.i.a engineering submitted by fawad mueed - (reg # -permit no# 14) qazi fahad ahmed – (permit no # 54) abdul qayoom channa – (reg # 10sw).

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department started out as just another job for me but has become a career in part because of the great opportunities and the challenging, unique assignments available to me as a civilian employee.

PiA offers summer internship opportunities to Princeton undergraduates in the fields of education, journalism, and international development (NGOs). For the summer of , PiA will offer summer internship placements in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and .