Medias distortion of beauty

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Medias distortion of beauty

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Medias distortion of beauty

At the mention of this word, most girls are inclined to take a quick look into a compact mirror or run a few fingers through their hair, sizing themselves up with the nearest advertisement featuring a flawless bottle blonde.

Some may go a bit further, running an endless list of insecurities through their minds and letting out an exasperated sigh. Women have been taught to compare themselves to others for most of their lives.

For years, the world of media has been working hard to construct the ideal image of what a "perfect woman" is supposed to look like.

You and I know it well. Magazines, movies, and commercials, among other outlets, have spoon-fed girls with the idea that they can only be beautiful if they have long legs, great hair, and curves in all the right places.

According to modern day society, girls should walk and talk pretty, have perfect skin, and cake on makeup; they should watch their weight and keep up with the newest trends in fashion. Still, girls continue to try and fit themselves into this image of perfection.

All too often, it comes at a costly price.

Medias distortion of beauty

As sickening as it may be, our society is used to hearing about girls skipping meals and even purging. For years, eating disorders have plagued women who just want to feel like they are beautiful.

Countless others harm themselves due to low self-esteem. For many, the struggle to fit into the mold of perfection goes far beyond the realm of these specific examples. Instead, the pressure to be perfect begins weighing down on young women so much that it consumes every aspect of their lives.

Countless girls set out to change everything about themselves from their hair to their makeup routine and beyond. Why pursue a superficial image that is ultimately unattainable?

Why choose to give in and believe that you are not good enough? It is my belief that there is no true definition of beauty. Beauty, true beauty, can be so much more than that.

Beauty can be kindness or quick wit. It can be intelligence, compassion, or drive. Girls need to start viewing themselves as more than their bodies.(Click here for bottom) P p p, P Momentum.

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Media and the Perception of Beauty. By MELISSA JEAN SCHULLER on November 9, AM | 6 Comments | 0 TrackBacks. The media can greatly affect young people's health. The media broadcasts it's perception of what is attractive and young people (both men and women) are susceptible to feeling the effects of that.

Young people can develop a. Race, Gender, and Disability in Today's Children's Literature by Kira Isak Pirofski, San Jose State University. ABSTRACT. Growth in immigration, rising birth rates among Hispanic women, and yearly increases in the number of disabled students mainstreamed into general classrooms have changed elementary and secondary school classrooms from "homogenous" to "diverse" settings.

Explore how retouched images of models and celebrities alter perceptions of beauty, and how the media influences your self-esteem, with our tips and activities. Is Your Child’s Perception Of Beauty Distorted By Media Influence?

Share this article Is Your Child’s Perception Of Beauty Distorted By Media Influence? 5 min. read. Age Group 8.

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