How to write action class in struts 2 ajax

In this section we are going to develop login application based on Struts 2 Framework.

How to write action class in struts 2 ajax

In order to add Ajax support, you need to add following JAR file in your classpath: We will use the base code that we used in previous articles and add Ajax on top of it. We will create a drop down which will Autocomplete and suggest the input.

For this we will add Dojo support to our webapp. Adding JAR file As discussed earlier we will add struts2-dojo-plugin. Thus, following is the list of required jar files.

Note that these jars are needed to run full application including all the samples of previous parts of this tutorial series. Create a file AjaxAutocomplete. The countries list will be populated with country names when execute method is called.

Here for this example, we have loaded static data. You may feel free to change this and add data from database.

how to write action class in struts 2 ajax

Note that we have mapped the list attribute with List countries. You may want to use AjaxDemo. In this Struts2 series we saw different aspects of Struts 2 like introduction of struts2hello world applicationvalidation frameworktiles pluginstrurts2 interceptorsfile upload and ajax support.9.

What is runtime polymorphism or dynamic method dispatch? In Java, runtime polymorphism or dynamic method dispatch is a process in which a call to an overridden method is resolved at runtime rather than at compile-time. I am trying to connect to my action class by using URL as below in Ajax.

how to write action class in struts 2 ajax

But its not going into my action class and even it is not showing the selected value by using $("#selectedCountry").val(). Calling an action using Ajax URL in Struts 2. Ask Question. First, you need to write an action you want to connect to.

After that map it to. I have a bean inside my action (here the code) public class FPFController extends ActionSupport{ private FPFParameters fPFParameters; public FPFParameters getFPFParameters(){ return.

In this section we are going to validate our login application using Annotations in Action class. Our current login application does not validate the user against the database.

In this section you will learn how to write program in Struts 2 to upload the file on the server. Login form in Struts2 version Struts 2 Login Application. Ajax response in struts2 action class. Ask Question.

It shows the Ajax>>readystate as 0,1,2,3,4 perfectly. But the responseText is showing as "/no action mapped for name space / and action name in alert box. Where i have to check. This is a text string response from a Struts 2 Action." string.

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