How to write a page title for seo

How to write SEO optimized Title tags?

How to write a page title for seo

The humble title tag is still the primary element on your site that search engines use to understand the content of a page. And yet, writing a custom title tag for SEO is all too often ignored, skipped over, or not given enough time. But, depending on your website setup — it can be a bit confusing exactly what you are looking to change.

It does make an appearance somewhere on the top of the open tab in various browsers. Search engines more often than not will use the title tag of the relevant webpage in the search results.

Your title tag text is what users actually click on to come to your site via search engines. So even beyond SEO, writing a solid title tag might be worth considering. But writing a title tag for SEO is especially important since test after test for years and years in the SEO industry has indicated that the title tag is the most important element on your webpage for search engines.

To take a step back, when a search engine bot shows up on a webpage, it is processing dozens if not hundreds of signals to try to figure out what a page is about — and what search queries it would be relevant for.

Search engines use the title tag as one signal among many to understand what a page is about. That page could be for any company in any industry. The bot has to go and use other signals to decipher what a page is about.

A page that is completely understood by search engines is more likely to rank for relevant terms than a page less understood, but maybe just as relevant to humans.

How To Write A Title Tag For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Anything longer will be truncated and invisible to searchers. Technically, Google truncates after a certain number of pixels. But on average, the rule remains at 70 characters.

For anyone who has been in the SEO industry for a while — this best practice has been fluctuating for a few years. For years and years, 69 to 70 characters was best practice or pixels. If 75 characters would be more descriptive, then write Make it long enough to be useful for search engines, but short enough to be seen and used by searchers.

Understand What The Title Tag Is

Title tags less than 50 tend to not be descriptive. If you are using WordPress to power your site, then you should be using Yoast SEO pluginwhich has a built-in character counter.

Now, you get to actually apply your keywords on your site, starting with the title tag. As consistent tests have shown, it is important to keep your keywords first in your title tags.

how to write a page title for seo

Refer to your keyword theme that you have mapped to each page, and try to write a description of each page in a sentence form that integrates your priority keywords.

There is no formula for writing a good title tag, but here are a few tips: The goal is to describe the page for your users and search engines with target keywords mapped to the page.

To keep everything organized and consistent, I recommend keeping your title tags written out in your keyword map.

It will help you go faster with your keywords written in the same spreadsheet and keep things differentiated and easily referenced. Write For Your Customer The last step is quality assurance. Does it sound odd? Does it sound descriptive?

5 Common SEO Mistakes with Web Page Titles

Is it something you would click on? If so, then implement it on your site, and analyze the results. If you have a low-priority page with steady traffic — use it to experiment. Test, analyze, and change. If you want to really dive deep, enjoy this video tutorial by Cyrus Shepard of Moz.Where to find the title tag?

Inserting your title into your Wix website is a breeze. This is how you do it in your website’s pages: Click the ‘Pages Menu’ from the top bar of the Editor.

Click the relevant page. Click the ‘Show More’ icon. Click ‘Page SEO’.

SEO 101: How to Write Compelling Title Tags

Enter your title . May 30,  · What is a Title Tag & How to use it for SEO? The Title tag is an HTML element that is used to display the Title of a web page.

For search engines and social platforms it’s important that you write descriptive and engaging Title tags, based on the main focus keyword(s) of your page.8/10(4). Writing good page titles is an essential skill for anyone doing SEO. Why? Because the title tag is the first thing a user sees in search results, but it’s also one of the most important factors that Google uses to determine the topic of a page.

Properly written title tags are critical to your SEO strategy. Title tags tell search engines what your page is about. This guide covers everything you need to know about title . Precisely, a title tag is one of the most important on-page factors that affect the search engine rankings of your page.

It is literally the title of your web page, as it tells users and search engines about the contents of your page. What might be a good title tag for SEO isn’t necessarily a good title for social media.

In social media, keyword optimization is less important than creating a title that entices people to click. For social media, you often don’t need to include the brand name in the title.

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