Foreclosure photo essay

Movies and film, music, theater, celebrities, stars, beaches, fine dining, exclusive clubs, Hollywood. A sprawling utopia of glamour, fashion, wealth, palm trees and fame.

Foreclosure photo essay

Ben Johnson for restaurateur and local legend Gabe Fiorella, Sr. Today, Gabe's Tower is one of the earliest-surviving commercial cylinders in the country. In Augustafter years of neglect that have left the building looking very poorly indeed, the city initiated condemnation proceedings against the tower, with a view to demolishing it.

Urbanist and writer John Lumea, who offers this photo essay, responded by launching an effort to explore the full range of options for the tower, in hopes of seeing it redeveloped and restored as an economically vital symbol and icon of Owensboro. Lumea, who now lives in San Francisco, was born in Owensboro inless than two years after Gabe's Tower opened.

So he grew up with the tower's original pastels and sees what bringing them back in the right way could mean to the economic and cultural life of the tower's neighborhood and the city as a whole.

This early rendering is from a special commemorative section of the Messenger-Inquirer, the Owensboro, Ky.

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The towering cylinder of steel-reinforced concrete presents an imposing appearance to visitors approaching the city. The ad from the Wausau, Wisconsin-based company, Marmet, that supplied the tower's curtain wall system touts the company's role in the construction of "High rise cabins in Kentucky," saying: Designed in the round, it permits a full windowed view for every room.

Foreclosure photo essay

Early View of Gabe's Inn.Oct 24,  · A Difficult Harvest for America’s Black Farmers By Fayemi Shakur Oct. 24, Oct.

24, Michael Santiago spent years working at dead-end retail and warehouse jobs before he decided to take a chance and pursue photography.

Foreclosure photo essay

People attend the REDC Foreclosure Home Auction in New York, in this photo taken March 8, About 1, people crowded into New York's first foreclosure auction over the weekend.

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Her photo essay, “Foreclosure Alley”, ties into her ongoing interest in the vagaries of wealth, as explored in her book Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood and award-winning short film kids + money. Recently, we called her up and asked her about the project.

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