Essay on product safety

Product Safety and Liability Product Safety and Litigation In a world that is full of eager consumers ready and willing to find some new way to make the easy buck, litigations involving product safety issues are no stranger to this model. These particular cases where management has made detrimental decisions that have inevitably come back to bite them are going to be the primary topic of research.

Essay on product safety

It offer a variety of consumer services at no charge to help with consumer complaints. Food and drug administration FDA -Federal agency that was formed to set and enforce safety standards for food, drugs, and cosmetics.

Essay on product safety

They have the authority to stop the sale of an item under their Jurisdiction, if it is found to be harmful or azardous. This is the agency which tests new drugs and medications before they are put on the market. Consumer product safety commission CPSC -this is a federal agency that was formed to set and enforce safety standards such as household appliances, toys, and tools.

The CPSC will also investigate complaints from consumers about products. Federal trade commission FTC - this is a federal agency that was formed to protect consumers against false advertising, illegal sales schemes, and all unfair trade practices.

Unfair trade practice- any business practice which is considered unethical or illegal Supply- the amount of goods and services available for sale at various prices at stated times Second-A product that does not meet the standard requirements.

Service-work performed to meet the needs of those buying the work, such as repair work, personal grooming services, house cleaning, and transportation. This also includes the professional services of doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.

Producers-Those who provide the supply of goods and services to meet consumer demands. Monopoly-A market situation in which only one organization produces the entire output of an industry or sells a product or service for which there is no substitute.

Needs-The basic items a person must have to survive. Impulse buying-unplanned consumer purchases, usually done on the spur of the moment-usually involving items on display or at reduced prices.

Comparison shopping-Looking at different brands and models of the same item in various stores to compare price, quality, features, and store services before buying. Name brand-a brand name that is widely recognized and sold in many different stores. Because of extensive advertising, the name is associated with quality.

Store brand-a brand owned by a particular store or chain of stores,the store will either manufacture their own product and put their name on it, or purchase the product from a manufacturer with the right to place their own name on the product.

Generic brand-surplus products purchased from many different manufacturers and labeled with plain white and black labels stating what the product is and giving necessary information. Since the product comes from many different manufacturers, the quality varies greatly.The purpose of this paper is to introduce the reader to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We will review the function of the Commission, discuss the responsibility of businesses under the statutes enforced by the Commission, and provide information relevant to consumers/5(4). Jul 31,  · Essay Bolster Blog Friday, 31 July CONSUMER AND PRODUCT SAFETY ESSAY CONSUMER AND PRODUCT SAFETY ESSAY Posted by Tevin Mchawia at Email This BlogThis!

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. The Consumer Product Safety Act states that any company that receives numerous complaints about a products defects must report these claims to the CPSA.

According to the CPSA reporting responsibilities belong to manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of consumer products. Each is. Conversations with FVM: Experts answer your top questions.

Question & Answer series with key leaders and experts in the Foods and Veterinary Medicine program at FDA on a variety of popular topics.

Why You Should Keep In Mind a Thought To Buy Essay Online. Being a student is both fun and also a lot of work, being in elementary, high or college leaves you with a lot of memories — both good and bad, and things that will stay with you until you grow old. They may also require safety warnings to be placed on harmful or hazardous products.

This is the agency which tests new drugs and medications before they are put on the market.

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