Crave online book report

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Crave online book report

For all Reece knew she may have been taken or killed. His emotional damage was traumatic, he hadn't been able to move on to other relationships and worse his trust of women totally compromised.

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As Sarah then reappears and inveigled herself with Reece's protective friends in order to enable a meeting so that SHE can move one, and put him behind her, well, I disliked her even more. I hoped Reece would show her the harm she'd done, with a just punishment, and it would have served her right if she had had a taste of her own medicine My potential star rating dropped significantly.

I even thought it would be a DNF. Then I thought, the stories I've read of Sierra's have all had purpose, means to a relationship and I have liked the characters she introduced us to in story I'm glad I didn't skim read and completed as my opinion changed significantly.

I won't say I found Sarah lovely, I didn't, and still find what she did unforgivably damaging and selfish. However, Sierra Cartwright explored the theme of cowardice v real fear and built a case for understanding more why she did what she did.

Crave online book report

In fact, it was almost at the end and comments that Reece's mother had made that led to my understanding of this. The erotica and BDSM scenes are good, quite arousing, and the character of Reece will have many a woman wishing for one like him at some time in their lives.

His friends are of interest, especially Julien and I would love to read of him meeting his match. I had to add another star back on after reading on and the conclusion, and I'm glad I actually read it and digested all carefully, and as such just 4 stars One person found this helpful Top critical review.Book now at CRAVE - LaSalle Plaza in Minneapolis, MN.

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July 23, I look forward to the upcoming full-length book, Crave the Night, which hopefully will have more from Mathias and his new mate, Nova. One person found this helpful. Helpful.

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Crave online book report
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