Bus 401 chapter 3 mc

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Bus 401 chapter 3 mc

Recreational vehicle-type units, when traveling on the public roadways of this state, must comply with the length and width provisions of s. As defined below, the basic entities are: It is primarily designed and constructed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use.

The total area of the unit in a setup mode, when measured from the exterior surface of the exterior stud walls at the level of maximum dimensions, not including any bay window, does not exceed square feet when constructed to ANSI A The length of a park trailer means the distance from the exterior of the front of the body nearest to the drawbar and coupling mechanism to the exterior of the rear of the body at the opposite end of the bodyincluding any protrusions.

For tax purposes, the length of a mobile home is the distance from the exterior of the wall nearest to the drawbar and coupling mechanism to the exterior of the wall at the opposite end of the home where such walls enclose living or other interior space.

Such distance includes expandable rooms, but excludes bay windows, porches, drawbars, couplings, hitches, wall and roof extensions, or other attachments that do not enclose interior space. In the event that the mobile home owner has no proof of the length of the drawbar, coupling, or hitch, then the tax collector may in his or her discretion either inspect the home to determine the actual length or may assume 4 feet to be the length of the drawbar, coupling, or hitch.

The gross vehicle weight is calculated by adding to the net weight of the heavy truck the weight of the load carried by it, which is the maximum gross weight as declared by the owner or person applying for registration. The gross vehicle weight is calculated by adding to the gross weight of the heavy truck the gross weight of the trailer, which is the maximum gross weight as declared by the owner or person applying for registration.

Vehicles, or combinations thereof, having a gross vehicle weight of 26, pounds or less and two-axle vehicles may be proportionally registered.

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A vehicle that occasionally transports personal property to and from a closed-course motorsport facility, as defined in s. The term includes an autocycle, as defined in s. If an internal combustion engine is used, the displacement may not exceed 50 cubic centimeters.

Low-speed vehicles must comply with the safety standards in 49 C. The term does not include any vehicle defined in chapter or otherwise defined or classified in this chapter.


In order to achieve this goal, Florida must join the cooperative effort that is being conducted on the national level by Congress, the United States Department of Transportation, and other groups to achieve uniformity among the jurisdictions and reduce the number of separate reports required by each jurisdiction of the motor carrier industry.

Florida shall consolidate all requirements imposed on motor carriers operating in this state and shall actively negotiate reciprocal agreements and compacts with other jurisdictions to accomplish the intent of this chapter.

A mobile home is to be considered real property only when the owner of the mobile home is also the owner of the land on which the mobile home is situated and said mobile home is permanently affixed thereto.

Bus 401 chapter 3 mc

Any prefabricated or modular housing unit or portion thereof not manufactured upon an integral chassis or undercarriage for travel over the highways shall be taxed as real property once it is permanently affixed to real property. This subsection does not apply to a display home or other inventory being held for sale by a manufacturer or dealer of modular housing units.

Classification of a mobile home as personal property by a seller or a lender shall not prohibit the owner from having the mobile home classified and taxed as real property under subsection 1.

XII of the Constitution as revised in ; s. The owner or person in charge shall apply to the department or to its authorized agent for registration of each such vehicle on a form prescribed by the department.

A registration is not required for any motor vehicle that is not operated on the roads of this state during the registration period.

Bus 401 chapter 3 mc

An individual applicant must provide a valid driver license or identification card issued by this state or another state or a valid passport. A business applicant must provide a federal employer identification number, if applicable, or verification that the business is authorized to conduct business in the state, or a Florida municipal or county business license or number.

If the vehicle is registered to a business, the name and street address of the permanent residence of an owner of the business, an officer of the corporation, or an employee who is in a supervisory position. If the vehicle is registered to an individual, the name and street address of the permanent residence of a close relative or friend who is a resident of this state.

If the vehicle is registered to an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is a Florida resident, the active duty member is exempt from the requirement to provide the street address of a permanent residence.

Vehicle identification number verification is not required for any new vehicle sold in this state by a licensed motor vehicle dealer, any mobile home, any trailer or semitrailer with a net weight of less than 2, pounds, or any travel trailer or camping trailer.

The issuing agent shall refuse to issue registration if such proof of purchase is not provided. The card must contain a statement notifying the applicant of the penalty specified under s. If an affidavit is provided as proof, it must be in substantially the following form: Signature of Insured Such affidavit must include the following warning: If an application is made through a licensed motor vehicle dealer as required under s.

By executing the aforesaid affidavit, no licensed motor vehicle dealer will be liable in damages for any inadequacy, insufficiency, or falsification of any statement contained therein. A card must also indicate the existence of any bodily injury liability insurance voluntarily purchased.

The issuing agent shall refuse to register a motor vehicle if such proof of purchase is not provided or if one of the other methods of proving financial responsibility as set forth in s. Any person altering or counterfeiting such a card or making a false affidavit in order to furnish false proof or to knowingly permit another person to furnish false proof is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s.

Neither the department nor any tax collector is liable in damages for any inadequacy, insufficiency, falsification, or unauthorized modification of any item of the proof of personal injury protection insurance, proof of property damage liability insurance, proof of combined bodily liability insurance and property damage liability insurance, or proof of financial responsibility insurance prior to, during, or subsequent to the verification of the proof.

The issuance of a motor vehicle registration does not constitute prima facie evidence or a presumption of insurance coverage. The insurer shall provide notice to the department at the same time the cancellation notice is provided to the insured pursuant to s.

The department may adopt rules regarding the electronic submission of the cancellation notice. The department may demand the return of, and may cancel, any license plate issued based on false or fraudulent representations.BUS Chapter 3 - MC Study online at 1.

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