An overview of the variety of airplane styles and designs

The course will give major exposure to the tools and information available and necessary for acquiring employment. Not part of a TN Transfer Pathway.

An overview of the variety of airplane styles and designs

It may be aircraft-specific or height adjustable for multiple-aircraft maintenance solutions. Rolling Stands can be designed to be mobile to perform in a variety of environments. Cantilever Cantilevered platforms can provide greater working area by means of a extended platform.

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We offer a supported cantilever rolling model, also known as a U Frame, that uses an extended frame at the base of the ladder to support the added weight of the overhang platform. Folding Folding maintenance stands provide structural stability and are designed to perform in the toughest industrial situations, yet fold into a compact package for easy storage and convenient transport.

Retractable Stands may be designed with retractable ladders that are designed to be rugged enough for every day use, but fold up or in when they are not needed. Fixed Fixed stands are self-supporting, and non-adjustable in length or height. They may be permanently mounted to a structure for everyday maintenance Telescoping Stands may incorporate versatile telescoping ladders that provide access to higher platforms at any height while keeping a small footprint.

Steel Rugged and economical. We use carbon steel on most of our products, rugged enough to withstand the test of time. Aluminum Paint free, non-magnetic, and non-sparking.

Non-corrosive, very lightweight, yet rigid material. Resilient to weather and moisture, does not require any finish or coating.

Stainless Steel Rugged, paint free. Endures frequent washing, non-corrosive. As strong as steel plus the most anti-corrosive properties available. Requires no added finish, may be bead blasted or electro-polished.

Non-metallic Composite material, fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP. Non-magnetic, non-sparking, and temperature resistant. Your custom stand may incorporate a combination of treads.

Any other options are available upon request. Perforated Minimal slip resistance. Choose for standard duty or cleaner areas. Perforated Tread design formed from a solid steel sheet. Standard tread sizes are 18", 24", and 30", however any combination of these may be used to create your custom industrial maintenance stand width.

This design allows dirt and debris to fall through the tread, perfect for outdoor and work boot applications, not recommended for kneeling on.

Expanded Flat, non-skid tread, generally for moist or outdoor applications. The open grating allows debris to fall through, perfect for heavy duty industrial applications. Abrasive Mat Ideal in areas with less dirt.

An overview of the variety of airplane styles and designs

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An overview of the variety of airplane styles and designs

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