An essay on the conflict between palestine and israel

Status of Jerusalem Wikipedia, For the time being the conflict zone is mainly featured by funerals, air strikes, and vows to fight the enemy — the permanent bloody circle continues as Hamas abandons a ceasefire. The fragile peace process achieved so far is once again on the verge of collapse. At that, the Quartet members seeking to mediate peace in the Middle East have so far expressed opposing and controversial standpoints regarding the conflict. Compared to other Quartet states, Russia recognises Hamas legitimacy and the control the Gaza Strip by this Islamic party.

An essay on the conflict between palestine and israel

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. For 2, years there was no such conflict. The land of Palestine was inhabited by Palestinian Arabs. In these consisted of approximatelyMuslims, 75, Christians, and 25, Jews. For centuries these groups had lived in harmony: Zionism But then in the late s a group in Europe decided to colonize this land.

Known as "Zionists," this group consisted of an extremist minority of the world Jewish population. They wanted to create a Jewish homeland, and at first considered locations in Africa and South America, before finally settling on Palestine for their colony.

At first this immigration created no problems. However, as more and more Zionists immigrated to Palestine — many with the express wish of taking over the land for an exclusively Jewish state — the indigenous population became increasingly alarmed.

Eventually, there was fighting between the two groups, with escalating waves of violence. Finally, in the United Nations decided to intervene.

Under considerable pressure from high-placed American Zionists, the UN decided to give away 55 percent of Palestine to a Jewish state — despite the fact that this group represented only about 30 percent of the total population, and owned under 7 percent of the land.

The Zionist army consisted of over 90, European-trained soldiers and possessed modern weaponry, including up-to-date fighter and bomber airplanes. The Arab forces, very much a third-world army, consisted of approximately 30, ill-equipped, poorly trained men.

An essay on the conflict between palestine and israel

Army, British intelligence, and the CIA all agreed: By the end of the war the Jewish state — having now declared itself "Israel" — had conquered 78 percent of Palestine — far more than that proposed even by the very generous UN partition plan.

And three-quarters of a million Palestinians had been made refugees. Over towns and villages had been destroyed, and a new map was being drawn up, in which every city, river and hillock would receive a new, Hebrew name.

All vestiges of the Palestinian culture were to be erased. In fact, for many decades Israel — and the US, following its lead — denied the very existence of this population.

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Golda Meir once said, in fact: Click here for larger map. Following the Six Day War, in which Israeli forces launched a highly successful, Pearl Harbor-like surprise attack on Egypt, Israel occupied the additional 22 percent of Palestine that had eluded it in — the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

It also occupied parts of Egypt which since were returned and Syria which remain under occupation. Current Conflict There are, then, two issues at the very core of the continuing conflict and escalating violence in the Middle East:The origins of the modern day Israel-Palestine conflict were cause largely by British interest in winning the Great War which led to double dealing between the Arabs and the Jews which are particularly prominent in the Balfour declaration, Sykes-picot treaty and the Hussein-McMahon correspondence.

Israeli palestinian conflict history essay

The Interrelations between Pan-Arabism and the Arab-Israeli Conflict The Effects of the Palestinian Resistance Movement on Palestinian-Arab Relations: Comparing Black September () and the Civil War in Lebanon, The primary approach to solving the conflict today is a so-called "two-state solution" that would establish Palestine as an independent state in Gaza and most of the West Bank, leaving the rest of.

The Conflict between Palestine and Israel Essay A conflict between Palestine and Israel began when a promise was made by Britain in to make Palestine Israel’s homeland, and their belief that the land was meant for them since biblical times. The Conflict Between Palestine and Israel Essay.

The Question of Palestine and Israel For decades, the people of Palestine and Israel have had conflict with each other. The cause of the conflict was due to religion, territory, and borders (

An essay on the conflict between palestine and israel

The conflict began when Israel officially became a state in What is the main cause for the conflict between israel and palestine. What is the main cause for the conflict between israel and palestine. What is imm coin best travel essays ged essay prompts descriptive essay about family tradition business .

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