An analysis of the marketing strategies of kudler and the need to expand to new markets

A new market may involve selling a product or service in a new region or country, or it may involve targeting a new segment of customers. Either way, the implementation of business development strategies in accessing new markets involves a great deal of research and planning on the part of the business owner, company executives and employees. Significance Accessing new markets allows a company to broaden its reach and increases its potential to sell products and services to more customers. This increase in sales can also boost the bottom line of the business.

An analysis of the marketing strategies of kudler and the need to expand to new markets

What is SWOT analysis? Download this Business Plan in word format.
Considerations As your business matures and your market share steadily increases, you will probably begin to encounter the growth limits of your original target market.
Importance of SWOT Analysis in Developing a Marketing Strategy Market Research Market research is the process of systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about customers, competitors and the market. Market research can help create a business plan, launch a new product or service, fine tune existing products and services, expand into new markets etc.
Significance Strategy 5-Step Primer to Entering New Markets Expanding into a new market can be an effective way to grow your business. A disciplined process will help you accurately assess the potential of each growth opportunity.

The store is generally located in fashionable shopping centers. The store deals in bakery, pastry, fresh meat, seafood, condiments, packaged, cheese and specialty dairy products.

Overall, the business is very similar to Whole Foods Marketplace, just on a smaller scale. The mission of the store also states that it has a knowledgeable staff and it deals in providing delightful product and services to its customers while they are out for shopping in the malls.

Kathy Kudler is the founder of the store, and she is committed towards providing the customers with finest quality of foods and wines.

The research is carried out with the perspective that it will result into identification of the customers, place, distribution channel etc. The research is essential for Kudler Fine Foods as the business is on the path of expanding its services. And such a marketing research will help it to know the areas of expansion, its strengths, weaknesses, new potential customers, strategies and markets can also be explored.

A strategy that integrates the goals that includes the marketing blend into a comprehensive whole is known as the marketing strategy. A strategy is set out in a marketing plan. Marketing plan refers to the targeting of the company to its prospective customers, and positioning its product in such a way that it remains in the mind of the target market.

An effective marketing plan refers to the planning of marketing its product by carefully choosing the existing and potential customers, identification of the customers can be done by accurately by following a market research.

The needs thus identified should be properly and better met than the competitors. And then a marketing strategy should be maintained that will help the company to have a market positioning. All these constitute an effective marketing plan. In this competitive world it is really essential to have strategic competitiveness and Kudler Fine Foods have growth tremendously by following its vision.

Kudler the owner of the store has a direct control over its hiring of human resources for its products that gives her an edge over the other food stores. The marketing strategies followed by the store are a combination of differentiation, focus and cost leadership.

The products offered by the store have a unique quality in them that makes them differentiable from the rest of the market.

The gourmet food display and plans of buying the raw material from the local sellers that helped it achieve a cost leadership. For any company to prosper growth, internal efficiency and customer orientation is essential. The opening of the new stores at different locations, internal efficiency in the form of technological development for enhancing the operations and services and customer orientation in the form of special ordering has helped Kudler reach the heights, it is today.

Marketing research is important to know what the customers what, as in running any kind of food store, knowing the taste and preferences of the customers become evident. Kudler Fine Foods was able to satisfy the customers by providing them what they needed.

Marketing Tactics Marketing tactics are the set of strategic methods which are used in order to promote the goods and services of the business intended towards the goals of the organization, increasing its market share, revenues, and maintaining the competitiveness.

The tactics are internally focused and Mrs. Kudler has grown the business by enhancing her thoughts into action. A generic strategy was followed for its business.

Areas Needing Additional Marketing Research The additional marketing research required by Kudler is in the area of attaining competitive advantage.

The research that is always carried by the company is through survey opinions, but it can also go for internet research. The customers are the key for success in a business, so it becomes imperative to know their preferences and taste.

Internet has become a fast mode of communication between the marketer and the customer.Part of a company’s marketing plan may be to tap into new markets. A new market may involve selling a product or service in a new region or country, or it may involve targeting a new segment of customers.

Kudler will need to determine the customer needs, create a program to meet these needs, and communicate this program to the customers in order to be successful. This paper will consider the marketing mix for Kudler, the products that should be chosen, the appropriate pricing for these products, and how to promote the new products. Using SWOT Analysis to Develop a Marketing Strategy By: Adam Colgate SWOT analysis is a straightforward model that analyzes an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to create the foundation of a marketing strategy. Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Analysis Kudler Fine Foods has made significant progress within a few short years. The small business was able to open two new locations to expand their gourmet food retail outlets.

Either way, the implementation of business development strategies in accessing new markets involves a great deal of research and planning on . The Kudler Company would need to choose a strategy that that is compatible to the company's size, mission and values.

An analysis of the marketing strategies of kudler and the need to expand to new markets

The company strategies will need to be flexible to accommodate changes in . Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research Marketing research is important for all companies.

A company must research the areas they hope to expand and know if they can be successful in that . Jun 18,  · Marketing Kudler Fine Foods Angela Bush MKT/ February 19, Judith C. Allen Marketing Kudler Fine Foods Kudler fine foods is a store that markets fine foods but needs to bring some focus toward expanding their goods to the public.

Essay title: Kudler Fine Food’s Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization MKT/ Marketing December 17, Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Food Virtual Organization The marketing strategies and tactics businesses utilize to assess the needs and desires of consumers in order to provide products and/or services can be quite creative.

This is especially common in core processes of construction to meet . The _____ is the unique blend of product, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies designed to produce mutually satisfying exchanges with a target market.

a. internal environmental mix b.

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