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Sidewalks, workplaces, homes, school playgrounds, and warehouse and other stores, are frequently accident sites. Lack of attention to proper housekeeping, material handling, or merchandising standards may be factors, but lack of proper training, warnings, or errors in labeling could be the key contributors to compromised safety. Product evaluation and testing and material failure analysis are tools commonly employed by our engineering scientists during accident reconstruction.

Accident i witness

As they surfaced from a dive she saw a large powerboat was bearing down on her and her two sons 13 and 15 years of age.

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According to reports, she swam to one, moved him out of the way, then grabbed her other son to protect him. The son Kirsty first pushed out of the way was also struck, but not severely. The boat belonged to a wealthy, influential Mexican businessman.

He claims the boat was operated by an employee, Jean MacColl suspects it was driven by the wealthy businessman. The investigation was officially dropped in December Kirsty MacColl had been working 18 months straight and was looking forward to the trip.

Accidents on the motorway Trial lawyers prosecuting or defending criminal cases Responsible for Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts for Plaintiffs Because of Mike's involvement as the retained and designated construction defect, personal injury, premises liability, or premises security expert, his clients have obtained some of the highest verdicts in courts across the country.

She planned to introduce her sons to scuba diving in the beautiful diving environment at Cozumel. Her mother dropped by the night before they left the U. Kirsty was killed at age 41 in a boat propeller accident that made world headlines.

Her funeral was held in Mortlake Crematorium in London. Kirsty MacColl was beloved by many and still has a strong following. The Boat A 31 foot boat, The Percalito, was owned by then 67 year old, Guillermo Gonzalex Novo, owner of a large Mexican supermarket chain and many other businesses.

Nova was on the boat along with his family, a baby granddaughter, and a hired deck hand, Jose Cen Yam, age Jose claimed to be driving the boat and only going about 1 knot per hour at the time of the accident. He did not possess a license to operate a craft this large.

Jean MacColl, and many others, suspect Mr. Nova was actually at the helm. Many eye witnesses claim the boat was going much faster in the restricted zone. The first autopsy was performed in Mexico, the second autopsy was performed by Dr. The autopsy reports she was sliced open from the back of her neck to her waist, part of her chest and her left leg were almost severed, Dr.

Richard Shepherd thought she might have had a mastectomy due to all the missing parts. The Mexican Businessman Guillermo Gonzalez Novo, owner of the boat, was a very successful businessman. Some reports called him a tycoon.

He then became Honorary Chairman until his death at age Who Was Driving the Boat? Several eyewitnesses say the hired deck hand, Jose Cen Yam, was not at the controls. Guillermo Gonzalez Novo was the only person on board with a license to operate the large boat.

Accident i witness

Some reports claim he was paid to take the blame. They generally felt Mr. Novo was at the helm and should be called to justice for his actions.

They went about their efforts by raising funds and trying to get the Mexican government to reopen the case.The Witness Digital Edition.

Welcome to The Witness Digital Edition! Now you can read The Witness Digital Edition anytime, anywhere. The Witness Digital Edition is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at the newsstand. If you witness a car accident in Florida, it is important that you contact the police.

You may have the most relevant information pertaining to that crash to help the police and investigators determine who was at fault. Watch Florida attorney Todd Romano explain how you can help.

As a witness to an accident, Green Flag say that if you see a car driving away from the scene of an accident in which they have been involved then it’s a good idea . Typically in any accident analysis, the physical evidence is of foremost importance, however driver input and witness versions are also considered.

Legal Beagle is your one-stop resource for all your automotive law questions. Learn more about repossession laws, car title transfers and much more. When to Question the Witness. While questions can be asked of witnesses at the scene of the car accident, it’s best to just get contact information for all people who witnessed the accident so that the right questions can be asked later on, away from the chaotic can be done through a simple phone call to a witness, whether from you, .

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